Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer 2-0

Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer 2-0

Post #1-Series Nine Trailer #2 (6/9/15)

Welcome to the very first post on Let's Talk Doctor Who. Today I will be looking through the Doctor who series nine trailer (the second one). Inside this stunning 60 second trailer alot is revealed about the following series. Sorry I'm late for reviewing this trailer, I should have reviewed it a long time ago. The trailer begins with a nice shot of the TARDIS console from Series Nine. We zoom across to a face shot of Peter Capaldi.

He runs towards the console and says the lines: "Sorry I'm late" and the trailer continues. We go across to time and space and have a wonderful shot of the TARDIS zooming through space which looks stunning. Next we go to Clara and (possibly) new companion Masie Willians. Clara is talking to her and saying these lines:"He hasn't got a plan yet". Apart from her just saying these lines we zoom across to shots of the Doctor,who is looking at some of the new aliens. We also go across to a shot of the Doctor and Clara walking away from the aliens in fright, which gives us a glue that the aliens cannot be messed with! Then we go back to a shot of the Doctor in this yellow void (seen as the thumbnail of the video).

With this going on we also have a voice over of Clara,she is saying these lines (continued on from before):..But he will have and it will be spectacular. I am not sure what these lines mean however I do have a theory. The NEW aliens from the ninth series have made Clara and the Doctor work as slaves and they need to get out so she is telling Masie that he will get a plan soon and that it will be spectacular. At the thirteen second mark we have a view of a mysterious dragon (what could this mean). Then we have a view of these weird hand things (shown also in the Magicians Apprentice Teaser Trailer). I don't know what these things are.

Next we go across to a shot of a man looking frightened. We're up at the seventeen second mark and we have a completely SCARY view of the Zygons (previously seen in The Terror of the Zygons and the Day of the Doctor). These things look really creepy. Next we go across to a view of clara...holding a ROCKET launcher...WHAT? Next we view a shot of Maisie and this weird orange creature (I have no idea what these things are). From the 20 second mark all the way to the 23 second mark we have some views on what looks like Skaro or maybe Gallifrey (no idea what planet this is). Next we have a view of this water Creature. After that we go to a shot of Missy. She has a creepy smile on and says: "Hello" in a weird voice.

Then the Doctor is grabbed by this hand thing. After that we have a shot of NOTHING just blackness,which is a nice change. Then we have a shot of the TARDIS door opening and the Doctor saying more lines which are: "I am the Doctor" (like we didn't already know that). Then we go across to a scene on a dalek ship with you guessed it,Daleks. The Doctor continues on from his lines before: "...and I save people...". Then we zoom across to a scared view of Clara's face. Then we have more shots of completely insane aliens from the following series. The Doctor continues to say his lines: ",now...".Whilst he is saying this we go back across to some more views of aliens. Along with the Doctor riding...a HORSE? Then we have a weird cutting noise effect as the Doctor is riding the horse.

Then we go across to a soldier guy that looks like he just came out of Skyrim. Peter Capaldi is giving him a warning,continuing his lines: "This is where your story ends". Actually Doctor his story ends at the 45 minute mark when the credits roll at the end of the episode. Then we have a shot of an exploding barrel. Maisie is looking frightend (the amount of Maisie in this trailer makes me think that she is a companion). Then we have a running scene with...Osgood? But shes dead. Who cares let's bring her back anyway! Then we have another shot of a Zygon. After that we have a shot of the Doctor playing...a GUITAR? After that we have a shot of Missy that is talking to a Dalek and LAUGHING? Then we have a shot of the Doctor and Clara running. Then we have a shot of a weird cat creature firing FLAMES out of his mouth (how does that work?).

After that Peter jumps through a window. Thats I guess. Then a shot of him puting on sunglasses comes on which looks amazing. Then the Daleks ask a question which I have been wanted an answer to for the last 9 months since Last Christmas. "What is happening?" Then an awesome view of Capaldis face shows up and he starts a long speech: "Same old,same old". Whilst he is saying all of this we have more shots of things. First we have a view of Clara. Second we have a view of Peter Capaldi putting up peace fingers. Lastly we end off the trailer with a nice hug from Clara to the Doctor. He uses his hand to move a handle and we have a nice shot of the TARDIS flying across space. Then we have the DOCTOR WHO logo appear followed by 19th of September which is a date that I've definately put in my diary! That brings us to the end of the first post on Let's Talk Doctor Who. Another post will be posted in one week,although it won't be over nine hundred words like this one was!

Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 1 Trailer - BBC One-0

Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 1 Trailer - BBC One-0

Post #2-The Magicians Apprentice trailer (13/9/15)

Welcome back to another entry into Let's Talk Doctor Who. Now I did say that this was going to be a weekly blog however I wanted to write a look through this new trailer  that came out 2 days ago. The trailer is for The Magicians Apprentice TV trailer. The trailer begins begins with someone yelling (a child) possibly Davros,oh the hype is getting to me now! The child is yelling he begins his lines: "Don't run away from me..!" Whilst he is saying this he is surrounded by those weird hand creatures from the previous trailer.

He is yelling to someone (however noone else is in the scene although I personally think it's The Doctor he is yelling to. He continues the lines: "HELP ME!!" I felt bad for this kid even though he might be the future Davros. It's like the theory of if you could kill Voldemort from Harry Potter when he was a kid would you? The Trailer continues and we get a shot of a weird creepy alien guy from the previous trailer. He is yelling (like the kid): "Where is the Doctor!?" There is alot of speech in this trailer which I found to be a nice change.

We then zoom across to the Doctor looking scared.Then we go across to Missy and Clara and they look like they are standing on a beach..? (I think). Then Missy starts speaking: "If I can't find him,noone can.." Whilst she is saying this the camera pams across to a city (seen in other trailers). I think that it is a dalek city,becuase the Daleks have been seen in many trailers. In the middle of her line we zoom across to her and Clara talking. Then we view something that Missy had,it looks like some kind of compass...I think?

We zoom back to Missy's face and she continues her lines: "It's a confession darling, the last will and testament of the Doctor". Whilst she is saying this we also go across to the Doctor and Clara in what looks like a fighting ring. Clara starts talking: "What have you done?" Is she talking to the Doctor? Maybe.Not sure. In the middle of her line we have some more views of the ring and doors opening. A guy is holding an axe and looks like he is going up against the Doctor in a showdown.

There is a voice over when the Doctor is putting on his epic glasses. It's a dalek and he is saying: "Maximum extermination". We go back across to the Dalek and it's..DALEK SEC?? From Series Four. This supports the theory that the kid yelling at the beginning of the trailer is DAVROS. Then we zoom across to a cool voice over guy who is saying in a deep voice "DOCTOR WHO". Then 19th of September shows up (a date noone is going to forget). Thank you for reading my look through of the trailer. From now on this colum will be weekly (unless something BIG happens). Thanks for reading any who (see what I did there) goodbye!
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Post #3-The Magicians Apprentice (20-9-15)

The Magicians Apprentice is one of the most decisive series openers in years. Some love it, some hate it. I'm somewhat mixed with my thoughts & views on the episode. I enjoy various parts but hate a lot of others. For example, the conversation between Missy and Clara felt forced and unnatural, although, the conversations between the doctor and Missy felt the exact opposite to this. The Magicians Apprentice is both something I enjoy and something I hate. What an odd predicament you might say.

The story begins in a battlefield, directly in 'no mans land' as some might claim it to be, the doctor arrives to save a small boy trapped with what seems to be some odd hand-grabbing monster things. The doctor asks the boy for his name and he states that it is indeed 'Davros'. I enjoyed this reveal because although it was pretty much confirmed that Davros would be in the opener from the rumours before this series begun it was unexpected that he would return as a small child or anything other than a bot thing in a machine on wheels! This is one of the reasons that this story gets a lot of praise and I have to say, if we're grading this story solely on this scene I'd give it quite a decent rating but I'm afraid it all goes downhill from here...

The story continues but on various opposite planets, for example: The Maldovarium,The shadow Proclamation (last seen in the fourth series of Modern Who), KARN (seen in a special prologue before this series launched) I enjoyed the throw backs to different stories, although, it did feel like fan service for a couple minutes. Davros is trying to deliver the Doctor a message through one of his 'soldiers' (I honestly can't remember what he refers to him as) named 'Colony Sarff'. The messages states that "Davros remembers" (referring to their new meeting in the starting point of tonight's episode). After this occurs we head across to Coal Hill School (my least favourite place to be in the entire whoniverse). Whilst teaching a class (which she rarely actually does) Clara sees a plane in the air and heads directly to U.N.I.T. Missy is currently using something to make sure all the planes are stuck in the air (which honestly makes no sense whatsoever but it is written by Steven Moffat so it isn't like the story flows whatsoever from any previous point in the show). After this realisation has been made, Clara and U.N.I.T go have a 'friendly' conversation with Missy (The Master) in which she and Clara locate where the doctor is in the universe. The first scene in the show that I didn't enjoy as I stated before the dialogue felt forced and was poorly written.

Missy tells Clara to look for things that are out of the ordinary during that decade of time, things the doctor might've changed while he was here. Peter Capaldi comes out of nowhere (John Cena) and plays an awesome solo on his guitar. Peter Capaldi has never clicked with me as 'The Doctor' but just an angry tyrant but the way that they seem to be writing him is to make him more hip and upbeat, time will tell on whether this is a good or bad change. Colony Sarff shows up and tells him that Davros remembers. The Doctor drops his sonic screwdriver to the ground (much like Matt Smith throw his bow tie on the ground in 'Time of the Doctor' in a sort of panic realisation. He seems to just leave it there so this series he might not use the sonic for a long period of time which is always a good thing.

In the 'Power of Three' the whole reason as to why they get out of the current situation with the cubes is the magic Sonic screwdriver. It is nice to finally see 'New Who' taking the 'Classic Who' approach in the 80s of not using a sonic screwdriver, this time the doctor will actually use his brains for once!The Doctor, Clara and Missy are taken by Sarff to Davros. Although for an odd reasonhe 12th Doctor is the only one that gets to see him. Clara and Missy are stuck in a prison cell. Missy makes a comment about the gravity and it turns out that Colony Sarff have taken them to the planet SKARO (home of the Daleks). The Doctor is talking to Davros who shows him some old CLASSIC doctor who photage from the 70s and 80s. I loved how Steven has chosen to show this photage I think It gives a good nod back towards the Classic Era.

The Daleks kidnapp Missy and Clara and then kill them (which is a shock for the fans watching). The Doctor is watching all this happening. The Daleks also destroy the TARDIS. Something surprising to note about this episode is that we haven't been inside the TARDIS once,which never normally happens with NEW Doctor who. The episode ends back at the hand mine field from the beginning of the episode with young Davros screaming "HELP ME". The Episode ends with a futuristic version of the Doctor pointing a dalek hand gun at Young Davros (seen as the picture I choose for the beginning of the Article).Young Davros says that "You can't leave me you said I had a chance". After this we hear the sound of a gun being pulled back. Out of the fog the Doctor steps towards him. The Doctor says "I'm from the future" then the young Davros asks him "Are you going to save me?". He replies with "I'm going to save my friends,the only way I can..." He pulls out a dalek hand gun and points it towards the young Davros. He screams to him "EXTERMINATE". Then the ending credits roll and the episode ends. 

So thats it for the very first episode of the ninth series of Doctor who join me back next week where I will review the following episode of the series. I will not tell you what is in the Next time trailer as I think that it contains massive spoilers. I rate this episode an 8/10. It is quite good and I would re-watch it again when the DVD comes out. Anywho (see what I did there) thanks for reading my review...Peace out :D

Doctor who-Witches familiar

Post #5-The Witches Familiar (28-9-15)

Welcome back to another Let's Talk Doctor Who. So what happened in The Witches Familiar that aired last night? The answer to this question is short and sweet (much like Colin Bakers ark as The Doctor): alot of things. The episode began with quite a good rundown of what happened in the previous part "The Magicians Apprentice". Before I talk about what happens in this episode I want warn everyone reading that there will be ALOT of SPOILERS in this article,so if you haven't seen the episode yet than watch it and come back to read this.

The episode began with Missy and Clara still alive. We as fans guessed that they didn't die in the last episode and would be back in this episode. Clara is tied upside down and Missy is telling her a story about the Doctor and how he always believes in hope. She unties Clara than they both go hunting which leads to the opening credits. After the opening credits we see what we saw in the preview of the episode on Wednesday. After this brilliant scene The Doctor yells at him to GET OUT of his chair. At this point I am wondering why the Doctor wants to go into Davros chair than we see the following hilarious scene. Davros has left his post according to the Daleks. What actually happens is that The Doctor steals his chair and sits in it whilst drinking a cup of tea. How did he get the tea you ask? He's the Doctor just accept with it!

After this we see Clara and Missy in a cave. They see a huge hole. They both begin wondering how deep the hole goes down. Then Missy pushes Clara down the hole and yells "TWENTY FEET". We than zoom back to the scene where the Doctor is drinking tea. He talks to them about how evil and insane Davros is and than says "In conclusion I'm definately having his chair". They tell him that he will not escape (we as the viewers know he will). We than go back to the cave scene with Clara and Missy. Clara is collapsed on the ground and Missy tells her that they need to work as a team to get to the Doctor. They are currently in the sewers which is actually decaying DALEKS. They trick a dalek and take his suit. Missy forces Clara to go inside it than say a number of things. In between this scene we see the Doctor dreaming about kid Davros again. He wakes up and Davros talks to him about a number of things including: How weak he is,how the chamber is closed and how he can't get out and how genicide is a choice. We than go back to Missy and Clara operating the dalek and learning the controls of it.

After this we go back to Davros asking the Doctor more questions like:Why he left Gallifrey and stole a blue box. Missy and Clara run into a dalek along the way of getting to the Doctor. The Dalek asks them why Missy hasn't been exterminated yet and asks for a REPORT. She can't answer and is frozen stiff. After this scene the Doctor is still talking to Davros about why he left Gallifrey and stole a TARDIS. Davros talks about how the Doctor has slaughtered billions of his children and how Davros (himself) has slaughtered millions of the Doctors race. Davros asks the Doctor to lean closer so he can see his new face with his own eyes. Personally I think Moffat stepped over the line with this scene and saying that he has eyes. Davros has been in doctor who since 1975 and has never said anything about his eyes. Bringing it up now just seems wrong.

After this scene we go back across to Missy and Clara (claras in the dalek suit). Missy goes up to the superior red dalek and tells him that he is her secret fav and not to tell the others. Personally I loved this line and thought that it was quite a good line to start the daleks conversation with Missy on. She has two demands for them. The two demands are:She wants to see Davros and that she has a lovely little present for them if they take her to them RIGHT now. The present turns out to be Clara Oswald. After that scene we go back across to Davros and the Doctor talking about regrets. One of Davros's regrets is that he can't open his eyes. The Doctor says that he will use some of his regeneration energy to let Davros open his eyes. This turns out to be a big trap that Davros has set for the Doctor. The scene ends and we go back across to Missy talking to the Daleks about where Clara is. They chant "You will tell us" while she is dancing. Then all the Daleks shut down (except for Clara). Missy asks them whether she was boring them. Regeneration energy flows from the top of the Daleks suits.

Missy says that she has to get to the Doctor RIGHT now. The Doctor says that Davros MUST stop. Missy comes in with a gun and stops it. The Daleks re-activate and apparently have more power than ever. After this scene we go back across to Missy and The Doctor talking about where Clara is. Davros is still in the room as well. Davros tells the doctor that he has just made the daleks even stronger. The Doctor chants 3..2..1 than the planet begins to shake. The Doctor says that he knew what Davros was up to and let him do it. Davros asks him what he has done than he says the following words: "one word no actually two words. First word Moron. Second word Sewers". The building begins to break and the Doctor runs out. Missy tells Davros that it was great to meet him. A dalek comes towards the Doctor (as viewers we know that the Dalek is Clara). Missy tells the Doctor that she and Clara escaped but this dalek shot Clara down.

We have a hugely dramatic scene of Clara yelling that she is Clara Oswald (as a dalek these words are converted to I am a Dalek). Eventually the Doctor finds out that this is Clara and tells Missy to run. I thought that he was going to shoot her down but nothing happens. Clara and the Doctor run into the middle of the Dalek room and the doctor says that the TARDIS is actually not destroyed (well...duh). He summons the tardis with his glasses in this extremely complicated scene that I don't understand. We go back to Missy as she says that she has a great idea when loads of Daleks are surrounding her. The Doctor and Clara leave. 

The Doctor says he has to do something and goes back to Kid Davros and says the same things as he did in the first part at the end. He actually meant that he was going to destory the hands around him which makes no sense to what he is actually saying. Anyway the Doctor walks away with Kid davros and the episode ends. SO that was the very first two parter of series Nine on a whole I would give it a 7/10 (Good). The Next time trailer looks amazing for the following story "Under the Lake". Anywho (see what I did there) I want to thank you for reading and peace out :D

  • "Be careful what you wish for"
  • "Do you trust me Clara"
  • The Doctor and one of the ghosts
  • The Doctor is an alien?
  • One of the promotional pictures from Under the Lake

Post #6-Under the Lake (4-10-15)

Welcome back to another post on Let's talk Doctor who today I am reviewing the third episode of the ninth series of doctor who. Instead of doing a step by step review (looking through the episode from the beginning to the end) I am going to do something a little different this week. Today I am going to just explain the story in a Nut shell and then look at how good the aliens are and how good the writing is along with how amazing the aliens look as well. Along with reviewing these qualities I will also rate the episode out of ten (1 being-My eyes are bleeding and 10 being-Sometimes the only choices you have are good ones). 

The Doctor and Clara land in an underwater base in 2119. Clara wants an exciting adventure with monsters and the doctor tells her to be careful what she wishes for. Both of them find ghosts and the crew tell them to run into a small base thing (apparently this doesn't allow the ghosts to go through walls) I have a problem with this as it is not explained how they can't get in the room if it is explained in the following part (Before the Flood) than I have no problem with it. Anyway the crew explain that the ghosts only come out at night.So far there is only two ghosts but after a small amount of time another one of the crew members is killed by one of the ghosts. The Doctor has to go back in time to when the spaceship landed and he needs to find out why this is happening. The episode ends with the doctor as one of the ghosts. I could predict this ending from a mile away and find it a little cheesy as we all know that he won't be one of them for long.

The aliens (actually ghosts) looked quite good if you slide across to the third slide of my slideshow I've added to the review you will see one of the aliens next to the doctor. If you slide across to the fourth slide of the slideshow you will see the doctor as one of them (this ended the episode. Doctor who has pretty good aliens and I found that using ghosts instead of the usual aliens (like Daleks and Cybermen) a nice change for the show. On a scale of one to ten I would rate the aliens (ghosts) an 8/10 (pretty great). If these aliens change in the following part I will be a little upset because of how great they are. 

The writing for this episode is stale and on a whole not good. Toby Whithouse has writen some brilliant stuff before like School Reunion which showed imagination. He has also writen the series five story The vampires of Venice was quite good and using vampires as the monsters was an extremely nice touch. The God Complex was also great from the sixth series and A town called Mercy was great as well. Toby shows great imagination and I love it however this episode wasn't a great one. He tried and unfortunately he failed on a scale of one to ten I would rate the rating for this episode a 4/10.

In conclusion this story wasn't great however I hope that this episode was a lead up to an amazing second part. I would rate this story on a whole a 5/10 (average). I have loved Toby's other stories but if this is his only story that isn't good then I can live with it. Thanks for reading my review of Under the Lake come back next week for the review of Before the Flood again thanks for reading,peace out :D

Post #7-Before the Flood (11-10-15)

  • Before the Flood (Poster)
  • The Fisher King
  • The Doctor is Locked in his own time stream
  • The Doctor and..Beethoven?
  • Clara wearing The Doctor's glasses

Welcome back to another post on Let's talk Doctor who. After last weeks episode I wasn't really looking forward to watching the following part. Than I watched the actual episode...and it was brilliant. This episode was so great that it's worth watching the first part just to understand this one. Last week I wrote about how the writing was stale and not up to Whithouses usual scale. However when I watched this episode I felt that Whithouse needs to be the next showrunner when Moffat leaves. Steven Moffat usually writes some great stuff however he brings back classic aliens (Like the Daleks) far to often. Whithouse normally writes about new aliens (like the Krillitanes from School Reunion). I'm not saying that Moffat doesn't invent new aliens, nor am I saying that his writing is awful. I am just saying that Whithouse has only written one bad episode (Under the Lake).

The episode began with this weird opening about Beethoven. This opening felt similar to the opening in last years "Listen". The doctor talks about an effect called the bootstrap effect it basically means that someone from the future creates something that was made in the past. It's all a little bit timey wimey to be honest. Any the doctor plays his guitar and the opening titles begin. The opening titles aren't what you'd except from a usual doctor who episode. Instead of the usual music you have this rock doctor who sort of music played by Peter Capaldi, this is a nice change however if they change the music to this I will be extremely annoyed. The Doctor along with O'donnald and Bennett have gone to Russia to figure out how to rescue Clara and the others that are still trapped in the base camp from last episode. O'donnld talks to the Doctor about his previous travels (she knows about these because she used to be a UNIT solider).

The Doctor talks to Clara via IPhone and she tells him all about his ghost. Clara along with the others have to get back to the pod that protects them from last episode. Whilst in the pod thing (I honestly can't come up with a better name for this) one of the ghosts takes Clara’s phone. They all decide that Lurrn should try and get Clara's phone back from one of the ghosts however it turns out to be a trap when he walks into one of the rooms and the doors seal. Clara and the other girl also try to find her phone and try to find Lurrn. Whilst all this is happening the doctor and O'Donnald along with Bennett try and figure out the answer to why the numbers were on that ship from last episode. They meet this creature that looks like a creature from The God complex.

This episode was also written by Toby Whithouse and was brilliant. I loved how he used an alien from an old episode in his new story because I wanted these creatures to come back. Anyway we find out that the creature covered in a cloth is not really dead and kills Prentice. I hated how they did this because I feel like this character could have been something more. Shame he's dead though. Anyway the three run into an abandoned house running away from the Fisher king (scroll to number 2 out of five on my slideshow to see what he looks like). O'Donnald is killed by the creature and falls to the floor. I was quite upset that they just killed this character off as I thought she could have made a good future companion (like Harry Sullivan from 1974). After this Bennett has an argument with the doctor. I would have liked to see more emotion in this scene from Bennett because his best friend just died but I'm not to bothered by it.

The Doctor and Bennett travel back thirty minutes back in time in the Doctor's time stream. The Doctor has a fight with the fisher king from earlier whilst Bennett is in the TARDIS. The fisher king starts walking around on the surface then the doctor blows up the dam and the water kills him. Wow Mr.whithouse is the king of killing everything isn't he? The Doctor goes back to the underwater base with Bennett and makes the Fisher king call out for them. All of the ghosts walk to the pod and are never seen again. The episode ends with a nice scene of the Doctor and Clara talking about how the Doctor got himself out of this situation (like always) and the episode ends.

So on a scale of one to ten I would rate this episode an eight. I quite enjoyed the characters, the way the episode was written, the ghosts, the fisher king and the fact that it wasn't the same as last episode. In the future I would love to see Whithouse take the role of Showrunner and take Doctor who into a whole new perspective. I think he would be brilliant and the show would also be brilliant. So on a whole the two parter is a 6.5/10. I feel like I am a little to harsh on the first episode so I'm gonna bump this story up to a 7.5/10 (pretty good). I want to thank you so much for reading come back next week for my review of The Woman who died, thanks for reading and peace out :D

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  • "Do you think I'm slacking?"
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  • The Girl who Died (Poster)
  • The Fires of Pompeii

Post #8-The Girl who Died (18-10-15)

Welcome back to another post on "Let's talk Doctor who". This week I will be reviewing the fifth episode of Series Nine. The Girl who Died is in one word "Amazing". I loved this story on so many levels and the fact that they finally explained why Peter Capaldi has the same face as Caecilius in The Fires of Pompeii. Jamie Mathieson wrote this story along with Steven Moffatt. Jamie needs to be the next showrunner. I still liked last weeks episode however this has something that it didn't. Today I'm going to review the episode like I did when Under the Lake came out.

The Doctor and Clara have ended up in the middle of a forest on one of their trips. Vikings come out of nowwhere (kinda like John Cena) and take them as their prisoners. Loads of the vikings along with Clara and Ashildur are taken captive in Odin's ship. Clara and Ashildur challenge Odin and his soliders to a fight. The Doctor eventually comes up with a complicated plan on how they will be able to defeat them (to be honest I didn't understand the plan much). The Doctor and Clara record on her Iphone a small film that if shown to people would destroy Odin's reputation. I loved this scene and it made me laugh on so many levels. In the process of this plan Ashildur is killed. After this Peter Capaldi finally explained why his face is the same as Caecilius. A small cameo of David Tennant is shown. The reason behind why Peter has his face is that he wants to remind himself that he is the Doctor and he can save people. He gives Ashildur a treat thing that makes her immortal. I have a problem with this. My problem is-If he has the power to give her this why hasn't he given Clara it? Anyway the episode ends with the Next time trailer showing what is going to happen in the following part. It looks like a Clara-Lite episode I think thats just what the Doctor ordered.

The Aliens look amazing and I would rate them an easy ten out of ten for style and weapons. They look great I think the design team need to give themselves a pat on the back for what they have done. The acting in the episode is also quite good I would rate it an eight out of ten. Character development is very large in this story as the Doctor finally explains why he has Caecilius's face. I rate character development an eight out of ten. I loved how this episode was directed as well ten out of ten. I loved this episode in general and Jamie has made me want to watch the following part. Great job Gang (please stop calling us a Gang).

Jamie Mathieson has written some great stuff before let's review. Last year he wrote Mummy on the Orient express which was amazing I loved how cleverly this was written and how beautiful the train looked. He also wrote my second favourite Series Eight story "Flatline". Alot can be said about Flatline but on a whole I loved how it was written (like his previous story). I also enjoyed his character Rigsby which he created. I think he is returning in the Peter Harness two parter (not looking forward to that one TOB). Jamie is a great writer and has won 3/3 great stories if he can keep this up in Series Ten than he will be my all-time favourite Nu-who writer. 

On a whole this episode was amazing. I loved it to bits and I hope the following part is just as good. I took a peak at the next time trailer and I really enjoyed it. I rate this episode a nine out of ten for great writing,great aliens and a great episode. I loved it thanks Jamie. Also note Steven Moffat helped write this as well so thanks Moffat! Thanks so much for reading this weeks review come back next week for the review of "The Girl who lived". Again thanks, peace out :D

P.S: The episode began with a really cool sequence of Clara being stuck in space and The Doctor trying to help save her, great opening sequence (10/10).

  • The Woman who Lived (Poster)
  • Ashildr has turned...Evil?
  • The Doctor and his new assistant?
  • "I've lived many Lives"

Post #9-The Woman who Lived (25-10-15)

Welcome back to yet another post on Let's talk Doctor who. This weeks episode marks the half-way point in Series Nine. This weeks review is going to be a little different to the usual ones, today I will be writing about what I thought about the episode (8/10,9/10 e.t.c) and I will also be comparing the episode to the previous episodes. This weeks episode was weird. In a whole I would just describe it as "weird". Clara wasn't in it which kind of didn't make much sense (she was teaching) and Ashildur took over the role of the companion although she isn't good or evil she is somewhere in between which I enjoy. I like not having a companion who does whatever the Doctor says and does whatever they want. Its their life they can do what they want rather than being controlled around by the Doctor. 

The episode began with Ashildur robbing some people and the Doctor intruding in on the robbery. The Doctor is looking for some amulet thing and happens to bump into her. Anyway Ashildur has turned evil and now hates the doctor. We see a series of flash backs through her life (800 years plus) of her children dying and of her deaths. She is immortal so she never dies. I quite enjoyed the flash backs however they were lacking in some aspects. I doubt that anyone would think that she was a man in one of the wars. I just don't find this believable. Anyway the episode moves on and Ashildur tells the Doctor about her plan (to be honest I didn't really get the plan). She grabs out this lion thing and saves another character called Sam from being hung. This episode is hard to explain to normal viewers its an episode that you have to watch it in order to understand what is really going on. 

The Lion alien looks quite cool and I would like it to come back in the near future. I do like how it was designed, the production team should be proud of them selves (they should all call themselves Lion Kings). The acting in the episode is brilliant and I enjoyed it. However the ending scene with the Doctor and Clara talking about a selfie sucked and I hated it. I don't enjoy seeing this kind of humour used in a science fiction program. This episode was directed well and the shots were done quite brilliantly. Great job gang (please stop calling us a gang). 

Catherine Tregenna has only written some things for Torchwood and has never written for Doctor who. For a first attempt at writing a regular doctor who episode she did quite well. I haven't watched her other stuff or read any of it, so it's quite difficult to write this paragraph this week instead of writing about what else she has written I'm going to write down some ideas on what she could write for series Ten. She could bring Ashildur back as a married woman who is married to that Sam guy from this episode. She could write another episode that felt like Time Heist (one of my favourite episodes of last series). These are just some of my ideas write what you think in the comment section below. 

We are halfway through this series and so far it's been quite good. The Magicians Apprentice/The Witches Familiar was ok. Under the Lake/Before the Flood was good and todays episode The Girl who died was brilliant. I enjoyed it quite alot. When episode twelve premieres I will be doing an extra article about how the series was and how it could have improved. On a whole I would rate this episode an 8/10 for good writing, good plot and amazing special effects. I liked it quite alot and would watch it again! I want to thank you guys for reading todays article, tune in next week for a Zygon themed extravaganza!

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Post #10-The Zygon Invasion (1/11/15)

Welcome back to yet another article on Let's talk Doctor who. This week I am reviewing the seventh episode of the ninth series of Doctor who. That was a tense ride wasn't it? I loved this episode, it was brilliant and had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning all the way to the end. The Zygon Invasion is a modern classic and we all know it. After watching last year's Kill the Moon I was a little sceptical about watching today's episode. I hated kill the Moon and it was the low point of last series. However if this kind of writing continues in the following episode and in Series Ten I might just consider him being the following show-runner.

This episode began with a flashback to Day of the Doctor. After this we had two Osgoods explain what an Osgood box is. After this we hear Amazing grace played by the Doctor in the TARDIS (my favourite part of the episode). Osgood has sent the doctor a distress signal about the Zygons. The Doctor tries to call Clara who is at her school (I think..?). She has had 127 missed calls from the Doctor which I found hilarious. After this the Doctor undertakes a mission of saving Osgood who has been taken by the Zygons. Once they caught the Zygon responsible they are in a plane heading back to a U.N.I.T (I think..?). However the Zygon has jammed the Plane so it doesn't land. Clara grabs out a gun and shoots the plane than the episode ends. I thought this was a brilliant way to end off the episode and a great way to lead into next week. 

Zygons have always looked amazing and I want to say that the special effects along with the aliens themselves look brilliant. The production team have done a great job this week (they should be extremely proud of themselves). I really enjoyed how the actors played their characters this week and I hope it continues next week. The episode was directed well and on a whole the episode was amazing. AMAZING JOB GANG (stop calling us a gang). 

Peter Harness has only written one other episode for Doctor who and it sucked. However if he is going to continue writing great stories like this one than I want him as the showrunner. Next week could go either ways: 1-The earth could turn into an egg and the whole story would drop to a 0/10 or 2-The episode could make some sense and we could have a well balanced conclusion to a great story! Right now I am betting on the 2nd option although I'm not 100% sure yet!

This is a brilliant way to begin a two-parter. Peter Harness has definately written a well balanced episode with alot of humor and alot of fun. Also with the occasional scare that will keep you on the edge of your seat and behind your couch. Overall this is an amazing modern classic that I love, 10/10. Thanks so much for reading this weeks review, come back next week for the review of The Zygon Inversion! That was a tense ride, gang!

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Post #11-The Zygon Inversion (8/11/15)

Welcome back to another post on Let's talk doctor who. This weeks episode is in one word "BRILLIANT". I really enjoyed last weeks episode, however this one brought the two parter up my "Top 10 New-Who two Parters". At around the 34 minute mark there was an amazing speech about how the Doctor had to kill his entire race and how he can still here the screams of the children. I loved the dialogue used in this scene, I thought it was fantastic. The 12th doctor can sometimes be a horrible towards Clara and others, however in this sequence he needed to be.

The episode began with a nice previously sequence that reminded us about the events that happened in the last episode, go and read my review of last episode (above). Zygon Clara (Bonnie) shoots the gun towards the plane and the bullet just misses the plane. Clara wakes up in a dream world and everything is weird. Her clock is upside down, she goes to brush her teeth with black tooth paste (which was funny). She walks into her lounge room and looks across at her TV. She can see that Zygon Clara is about to kill the Doctor. The Doctor and Osgood survive and begin to make their way to U.N.I.T HQ. On the way they find a man that is turning into a Zygon.

He decides to kill himself (what a waste of a life). Osgood and the Doctor finally arrive at UNIT HQ and so does Bonnie and regular Clara (she has been taken out of her little pod. Kate (who is also there) decides to take her chances with the Osgood boxes. Bonnie decides to take her chances as well. There are two buttons and they can either hit one or leave the box alone. The Doctor delivers a breath-taking speech about himself and Kate decides not to press any of the buttons and so does Bonnie. The Doctor clears the Zygons brains so that Bonnie won't be arrested. The episode ends with two osgoods (one of them is Bonnie) saying that it doesn't matter who they are, in one word they are "OSGOOD".

Peter Harness (and Steven Moffat) have out done themselves with this weeks episode. However I am not going to say that I want Peter to be the next showrunner because he wrote the god awful "Kill the Moon" last year. Kill the Moon killed my expectations for this weeks (and last weeks) episodes. However if he decides to write for Series Ten (I hope he does) and writes another story like this I will be extremely happy. This episode was a good way to end a fantastic two parter.

I am now going to add another section to my weekly Doctor who reviews. The "IGN" section. When I had finished watching this episode and hopped across onto my computer to see what IGN gave it I was horribly surprised. They gave this story a 7.9/10! Last year they gave Kill the Moon a 9/10! I can't believe that they gave this story such a low mark and said that it was the low point of the series! WHAT THE??? I can't believe that they can still review doctor who considering that no one agrees with their reviews!

All that stuff aside we have a great episode and an episode that truly deserves another 10/10. This means that this two-parter has gotten a combined score of 20/20. This hasn't happened so far on my reviews, so I'm very happy that it has. Hopefully the following story will be just as good, can't wait. Thanks so much for reading this week’s review. Next week I will be reviewing "Sleep No More". I hope it is as great as this episode :D


Post #12-Sleep No More-Hell Bent (6/12/15)

Welcome back to another post on Let's talk Doctor who. Sleep No more was terrible and I hated it (that's why I really didn't want to write a review about it). Face the raven I couldn't explain and I found it quite boring and stupid. Heaven sent was great (however I wanted to do a finale mega review), Hell bent I'm currently watching whilst writing this review and so far I've hated it.

Sleep No More was badly written and one of Mark Gatiss's worst scripts of all time. It began as an ok horror story about the death of crewmates and the death of the guy telling us about this. However at the twelve minute mark I started to get bored and when I'm bored I don't pay attention to whats on the screen. I love writing about this show but it felt like Sleep No More was just badly written and noone I know enjoyed it or even half liked it. For me this is the 3rd worst story of the new era. I haven't got much to say about it except that it was bad. Why you ask? Well I'll start at the end or the beginning or whenever the hell this story is supposed to be set. The characters aren't very well written, and when they die I don't care about their deaths. Sleep No More is terrible and I hate it...that's literally my review of this episode.

Face the raven-Hell Bent coming 2016