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Rumor charactersEdit

Peter capaldi-the doctor (obviously)

Jenna Coleman-Clara (obviously)

Peter capaldi-Master (MAYBE)

samuel anderson-Danny pink (90% sure)

samuel anderson-Master (MAYBE)

Tony way-Alfie (80% sure)

Tom whiley-Robin hood-(75% sure)

Ben Miller-Sheriff of nottingham (yes)

Steven Moffat-stormy villan (20% sure)

Robert goodman-REG (80% sure)

Hiley hoss-MS Delphox (100% sure)

Jonathan bailey-TBA 

Pippa bennant-warner-HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SO EVER 

TBA-colonel blue

TBA AND TBA-Paternoster gang

TBA-Inspector gregs

NEW monster-the mole (90% sure)