Doctor Who: Companions and Allies was an information guide published in April 2009 and written by Steve Tribe. This is the fifth illustrated guide in the series of tie-in reference books and focusses on the Doctor's friends. The Doctor has been travelling through space and time for centuries, showing his friends and companions the wonder of the universe. From Sarah Jane Smith and the Brigadier to Martha Jones and Donna Noble, Companions and Allies celebrates the friends that have been by his side and the heroes that have helped him battle his deadliest foes. Find out: How the Doctor uprooted schoolteachers Ian and Barbara from their twentieth-century livesWhy the Third Doctor worked for UNITHow the Fifth Doctor sacrificed his life for PeriWho helped the Eighth Doctor save Earth from the MasterWhat became of Rose Tyler and her familyAnd much more. Beautifully illustrated and including - for the first time - a complete story guide to the adventures of all ten Doctors, Companions and Allies is the definitive guide to the Doctor's intergalactic family.

Featured Material (To do with New who)Edit

Ninth doctor

Rose Tyler



Jackie Tyler

Pete Tyler

Adam Michell 

Lynda Moss and the Game Station Controller 

Tenth Doctor

Harriet Jones

You (a reference to the online game Attack of the Graske) 

Reinette, Madame de Pompadour

Mickey Smith


Donna Noble

Martha Jones

Face of Boe

Francine and Tish Jones

Clive and Leo Jones

Joan Redfern 

Sally Sparrow

Astrid Peth


River Song

 Sylvia Noble and Wilf

 Children of Time


 Jackson Lake

 Rosita Farisi

 Lady Christina de Souza 

Additional NotesEdit

Published in 2009 the RRP was £7.99 (UK)Released before the Easter Special Planet of the Dead, this book includes a page on newest companion, Lady Christina de Souza (and as such contained some spoilers for the special).The spelling of the second Doctor's companion Jamie is given as Macrimmon, rather than the alternative McCrimmon.Jackson Lake's companion Rosita is given the surname of Farisi.The book assigns the title Born Again to the 2005 Children in Need Special mini-episode, something disputed in Doctor Who Magazine's review of the book in DWM#409 and not supported by BBC Video in its DVD release of the story.This book omits several characters that are elsewhere referred to as companions, e.g. Sabalom Glitz.On page 92, Dalek Caan is misspelled as "Dalak Caan".