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The Following review contains lots and lots of spoilers so if you haven't seen the episode yet I recommend that you do not read the following review you have been warned enjoy!


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Yep in this all-new episode the doctor and Clara go into a dalek that is to damaged that it is good (wait is this just "Dalek") all over again no it's not this time we have a much more ruthless doctor and a very different companion.

Okay let's start with the bad things and moments from this episode to be honest theres only one thing that I can think of that I didn't like the way the doctor was acting when the man died half way through he could of been a little more respectful I MEAN A MAN JUST DIED!!!

Okay here are the good things about this episode the special effects were amazing they looked stunning I loved the biggening with those special effects they were fantastic.Also I liked how they had Missy again pop up out of the blue and welcome that girl who died into heaven (she was in the premiere welcoming the robot who died to heaven).Another good thing about the episode Danny Pink was finally in this episode I didn't have any idea when he would pop up I guess he isn't that important right now but in a few episodes I think he will become more important.And those are all the good things I liked about the episode it is a pretty good episode and if you haven't seen it all you should.


Alright this episode was pretty good I liked the dalek Rusty he was cool and in total I give this episode an:


Pretty good episode.