Doctor who peter capaldi ink portrait by natemichaels-d9aaoqq

Post #1-Welcome to my World?

Welcome everyone to my all-new weekly set of articles. In these articles I will be writing about the latest news in Doctor who. I used to have a section on the front of my website that was all about the latest news in Doctor who. However I thought that a small section wasn't quite enough to write all about the latest news. One of the most popular sites Doctor Who TV (my favourite site) needs your help for its future. Heres the link for Doctor who TV:

In other news Jenna Coleman will no longer star as Clara Oswald in the tenth series of Doctor who next year (if there is one) becuase she was accepted the role of Queen Victoria in the new British drama "Victoria". In more news Doctor who is in peril because of how low the ratings are. Check out the Doctor who-Ratings page (on this wiki) to see the full ratings for each episode. Series Ten might just be a couple of specials next year which would be terrible for this site because I like reviewing all of my episodes of each series in order from the beginning to the end. If this happens I think that Peter Capaldi might leave (just my thoughts). 

John Hurt is making a full recovery from his Cancer which is fantastic! I was quite worried when he was diagnosed with Cancer a few months ago, however it sounds like his been given a great report. DWM #492 was released on the 15th of October 2015 and previewed the next four episodes of Series Nine. I haven't bought it yet so thats why the magazine section hasn't been updated. 

Every week I will choose a piece of Art that I find on the Internet and name it "Best Art of the Week" this weeks theme was "Peter Capaldi". Next week the theme will be "Cybermen" which I think will be extremely interesting. I loved this art and it looks amazing and I enjoyed it alot. I want to thank everyone for reading this blog, next week we return with the news from the 19/10/15-26/10/15. Thanks so much,peace out :D